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Port Elizabeth free delivery schedule operates 2-3 times a month (no deliveries +- the 1st to 10th of each month)

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Many consumer food products started in the kitchen with a dream and a passion and even though our produce originates from nature, the bottling process also started in the kitchen, with a dream and a passion. The first decanting of honey was into strange containers that looked like butter tubs, not really honey jars at all. But that was the first honey and sold to friends, family and the starting signs of a future idea to bottle our produce.

Many years went by during which the honey bottling was shaped as it made

its way into jars and squeeze bottles, without the product having a real name, it just said "raw honey" with some relevant information. 

Around 2010, thanks to a few brainstorming sessions over our apiaries, the name, Badgers Gold, was born. Labels were done in simple black and white, but living in a rainbow nation we thought adding some colour into our lives would be a great idea for the future. We held on to the quality over quantity principle since the beginning and we're thankful that God always provided for us; even in tough times we didn't let go of this principle.


Our goal is to deliver honey as it comes from the hives; not adding anything in the process or taking anything away, making the route from the hives to your table as short as possible. Apart from honey, we also do other hive products, and are looking into developing more of it in the future.

Badgers Gold


Farmers in general are no-fuss people and this probably comes from deep rooted traits that you don't always get or have what you think you need. Our products also got this no fuss tread about it. We don't put up a show, we are just real people with some sweetness to sell. You won't find an eloquent story on our jars to play on your emotions, target higher markets or sales. Our best Salesman ever was, and will still be, God with His unending mercy and grace. Nature's best sweetener was divinely made by someone much greater than the size of the universe, thus making sure we state that this product is not about us at all. 

Our products are priced for normal people and it is not our goal to try and establish an outrageous  higher market.

Exporting is a lucrative option, but that would mean that South Africa just needs to import more irradiated honey to supply the local demand and we are already at a 80 % import level. Patriotism we find in a deep part of our hearts and really do what we have been given here, to use around us to make an impact.

Our products are so real you might even find a worker bee still floating inside a jar to cool down after a heavy day's work.  No fuss please, just scoop her out.

There is something about seeing the honey finally in the jar; knowing were it comes from, the months of waiting, praying and then finally flowers with hopefully enough nectar that would be able to give the bee hives a chance to produce excess honey for us to harvest. Looking at a bottle of honey from a producer's point of view enables you to see everything that went into creating this product, and the appreciation for it is something unique.


We are working on more info on our raw honey process, what imported honey is, etc. and will reveal it at a later stage. 

Badgers Gold
Our farm shop Apiarista is there for the walk in consumer that wants to buy directly from the farm and for their effort coming to us they can expect to be rewarded to pay somewhere between wholesale and retail prices.
(we unfortunately do not sell nationally via courier from the farm shoppe)