We are a farming entity with love towards Christ and people. Reliant on the mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father, living a day-by-day life with the in dwelling Spirit at our Creators feet.

Our goals have a common backbone to always set our compass on biblical values; choosing not to take part in any unethical thoughts, talks or activities.

We work to run a sustainable farming entity that yield produce, supply services to the commercial industry and lead by the direction of the Holy Spirit that is with us to convey the simplicity and cost of the Gospel.

We are a committed entity standing like soldiers with a straight back and chest out for the Gospel to reflect through us only Gods power and holiness not our own. We journey through life like all other people not excluded from trails and tribulations but know that He has overcome it all and continue in faith to grow into the image of Jesus.

Our rock of salvation "the name who is above every name" JESUS CHRIST the King!!


The idea started in a place far from home. After trying out various entrepreneurial work while studying I realized that for the non- professional in South Africa you really have to turn those pennies around a few times. Freshly out of studies I made my way to the UK to benefit from the lucrative exchange rate.

Plugged in overseas where the grass was not always that green I worked together with a fellow country man who was saving up some pounds to start bee farming back home. 

After imprisonment on the Island of no sun I returned to the land of milk and honey. Back home I decided to enroll into military service which took me on a rather interesting journey;I bonded closely with fellow country men, learning more about other cultures than ever before, shaping some pounds off physically and later more mentally tread some tough excursions and many heavy laden kilos on the feet in beautiful rural parts where Baobab trees and elephants were our daily postcards.

When the adventure was over and the mind back into 'civvy' mode I decided that it was a good time to visit that friend to ask and see what this 'bee farming thing' was all about. After a few encounters enjoying the the outdoors aspect I decided to give it a try for a year or two and see where it will lead to... little did I know!

Back home under my mom's wing this hobby started in my dad's garage. Pulling out the car to gain some work space was the norm. In this time I learned that my grand dad which was very old now always wanted to do beekeeping. He gave me his unused smoker with such gladness seeing indirectly his dream come true. After a while the garage became a shoe box and my dad offered me a space at his factory. The empty space was between two buildings; I moved in renovated and made it my first workshop. After morning sessions working with bees the late afternoons were mostly spend in the workshop doing wood work, sometimes till late at night until it got too lonely and dangerous, I suppose, to be alone by myself in an industrial area. Detours via mom's house (kitchen) after work became common practice and have made these early days memorable; thank you so much Mom for always having an open door when the stomach was punching me from the inside.

The walls of the workshop have many stories to tell and have seen lots of pain, frustration, tears and many different people who worked over the years that came and went without notice. All thanks to my dad who always encouraged me and borrowed me this space to make a start!

The thought of this small idea has now become a sustainable entity; humbly reliant on our most consistent supplier, and surrounded with His mercy and grace every single day, even though I seriously fell short to seek Him with absolute diligence in the starting years.

From garage to workshop to eventually a piece of farmland. From a car that fitted 6 passengers(beehives), to a bakie, to a truck that fits over 200...

God, without Your continuous and timely encouragements and favour over random hardships, I acknowledge that my own perseverance will not have sustained me alone then; and nor in the coming future...I praise You !! 


After the stillness of a sunset we know that a new day will come and it will be by Grace only. Therefore we will not build higher walls when God gives us enough to sustain us, but build longer tables to feed back what belongs to Him.

We know God can only do what He can do, but we also know that God won't do what we can do our self. We need to show a form of activeness a desire to work with boundaries and never allow this activeness to pull us away from our spouse/families and Jesus our real and everlasting future!

We have a surrendered focus to add some services and products in the future, but always adhering to quality above quantity principles. Services are aimed at helping apiculture, expanding our farm shoppe educational yard and conveying things from the heart with eternal value. Products we have a very long awaited desire to form new product lines using all the goodness the bees offer.

All these wonderful ideas and talents will come if it is God's will to display Him! We are not overwhelmed by our goals but rather indulged in the process. God's goal is always the process. 


God my father, Jesus and Your Holy Spirit, for provision, favor, guidance and talents. Use the best in me and shape the rest, I am willingly the clay in Your gentle strong hands.

Dad and Mom for always being supportive, a role model marriage and abundant love anchored in Christ.

Sister for a great friend, real support, correcting typos and helping with many other things.

Friends that never left, your laughs, wisdom and many prayers, you all individually a unique blessing. Thank you!

My beautiful wife Janice that is a helper and equal partner... lief vir jou!!

Joshua 1:9

Xander Rautenbach


"But as for me and my house, we will serve the lord."


The Buffalo's and Xander


Our team is full, no vacancies currently.