we aiming to aid and conveying what matters most! 

We reach as we are led to various groups of people with our knowledge. Our hearts are towards the real needy to build valuable relationships based on eternal perspectives. Many areas in Africa still have some indigenous vegetation left around villages that can be reached with honey bees, meaning the keeping of bee hives could add to a additional income or food security for a group or family.

Who do we decide to help?

We are focused on the real needy. 

Enthusiast that actually want to sustain him/herself.

We are also wise on our approach, as we do not offer handouts!

How do we go about?
Our commercial bee knowledge is the key thing we convey to you in brotherly way.
We cover various different topics, supply you with information on how to do sustainable beekeeping and future growth.

What we ask?
•    Help us to get to your place
•    Supply us a roof over our heads
•    Give us some food to eat

We don’t ask to be paid at all, but kindly ask that you should cover the above.
When we know this we can make a better decision about how to get to you, duration of visit and when.

Why we do this?

This is a way for us to spent less time on our own needs and give back.

We get to meet new people, different backgrounds and different places.

We also never stop learning and are encouraged by others ingenuity.

To build relations conveying eternal perspectives.

Learning from others through their character, personalities and situations is always something to look forward to and more than many times is a humbling experience.


If you are a individual or group that want to get involved and sponsor someone with a hive, contact us!

conveying what matters most to us...

For the Christians out there: It's not how much you do or know but how much you care to follow-up with those you help. We going to be brave to say a outreach might please our souls, a feel good feeling... but actually can leave the host in a position similar or worse. To help without hurting is a difficult concept for the helper to grasp, we need to almost live in the shoes of the person/s that your reach out to, to truly get to know their heart and come alongside them to hear their vision(not ours) and help to fulfill that in a Godly way.  Let His Spirit truly lead us in our reach efforts. Then we will not be conscious of going, but rather have a unconscious going, knowing that we are the one that He has sent out. We want to be sure that we are 'Sent Out' and not just simply responding to needs.

Our knowledge in the beekeeping industry is simply another tool in the hands of our Creator. Sowing back means for us not getting anything in return!  "But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing". Our reward is in heaven, never bother to mention our name, just say we thank you God. 

We wisely reaching out to those who come into our spiritual radar and conveying Jesus(not religion, traditions, fear,) are part of our vocabulary and should be with all real Christians. Please respect us, we only living out our mandatory faith the same as other beliefs. We doing it without expectations in love, but with the hope of repentance and accepting the only one true Savior Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. We are just tent makers in this world, sowing without owing anyone and not being a burden on the body of Christ. 

A spiritual sower knows the soil has already being prepared. His faith is reckless "waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and later rain". Jesus be our well of fresh water if we get exhausted let us drink to not work more for You, but to satisfy You more, so that Your Will will manifest in our lives.

Why mention our self here on this page... is this a showcase or sow-case.?

We are merely trying to show that the sow-case is for Christ and making us aware that show castles on earth is no comparison against God's massive fortress in heaven. No treasure will ever leave this earth, shame on all our hard work "for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". 


Real Christian brothers and sisters... read below

WHAT NOT TO READ... to be updated