Commercial Pollination

Radius: 500 km

Area: Port Elizabeth to anywhere up to the Capensis boundary. 

Pre-schedule delivery: min 96, max 240 colonies (per load)

Moving Capacity: 480 colonies per week

Contracts/bookings: 10 weeks in advance

We work directly with growers, no sub-contracting sorry.

Emergency Pollination

  • min 24, max 48 colonies (higher rates)

  • 300 km radius only

  • this is a call and we deliver service (24-72 hrs for 48 unit loads)

  • bees are taken out of a production cycle

  • normal pollination fees wont substitute production loss + costs

  • bees are over worked and out of production for the rest of the season, diseases / colony deaths more prone also.

  • our normal work stops to help you.

Small scale pollination are required by some that only have a few hectares of crops/orchards. Commercial pollination will not be viable , but we might offer a free pollination service if the area will be viable for us to keep a sustainable amount hives year round. (T&C)

  1. Fill in the form below with your pollination needs and submit. or email pollination@rautenbachapiaries.co.za

  2. For emergency pollination also call our office after form submitted. (see hours below)

Pollination standard

Lets be clear and straight with you! Many beekeepers take short cuts when it comes to pollination work and hive standards. Money is at stake and where money is at stake it often means compromise.

On your right is what a hive should look like. 

  • At least 8 frames of bees when you open the lid

  • 4 frames of brood ("eggs" that will hatch during pollination)

Fill in the form below if this is what you want.

Procedures that we adhere to

Keeping to the basics create more opportunity to focus on productivity!

  • Best possible timing of delivery

  • Truck access 24/7

  • Correct hive positioning areas (clear and flat)

  • Enough water sources

  • Competitive plants removed

  • No hive disturbances day and night

  • No sharing of crops with other beekeepers (only emergency)

  • ZERO Spraying

  • COMMUNICATION between grower and beekeeper

Too much red tape?...sorry! We are just serious about YOUR crop.

How many colonies(hives) for your crop and how long ?

* For best results we suggest to use towards the higher amount of colonies/HA

If your crop is not listed or more info is need contact us!


Well then try us! With integrity we aim to build lasting relationships!

EMAIL US BELOW + CALL 079 868 9062 for emergency pollination

Farm Office, Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm (Saturday emergencies 8am - 12pm)